Phase Change Material

PCM (Phase change material) are ideal materials for thermal management solutions. They can release or absorb a large amount of heat energy what we call them latent heat during their physical phase change ( such as liquid to solid , solid to liquid or liquid to vapor). Because of their capability to store thermal energy during their melting and freezing process, they can be used innovatively in many industries as a thermal battery. Tempered Entropy provides phase change material in different forms adapt to various applications with temperature range from -50°C to 100°C.


By Types:

  • Inorganic PCM
  • Organic PCM

By forms:

  • Solid/liquid PCM
  • Solid/Solid PCM ---Micro Encapsulated PCM

By Applications:

  • Thermal Energy Storage (-20°C,-15°C,-10°C, 8°C, 10°C, 26°C,58°C, 95°C)
  • Cold Chain (-20°C/-18°C, 5°C, 18°C, 22°C)
  • Construction (22°C,24°C, 26°C)
  • Textile ( 22°C, 26°C, 28°C, 30°)
  • Electronics Cooling (40°C, 45°C)
  • Healthcare ( 14°C, 55°C)

Normal Parrafin:

n-Tetradecane C14,n-Hexadecane C16,n-Octadecane C18