PCM Chemical:

 pcmtextiletreatment  mpcm slurry1 01
 PCM Thermal Finishing Treatment
 Nano PCM Treatment (Impregnation)


PCM Thermal Finishing Treatment: ( 26°C, 28°C )

PCM Thermal Finishing Treatment are made by micro encapsulated PCM (MPCM) with a super conductive bio glue. It regulates the temperature and moisture and totally breathable. 

MPCM: Acrylic Wall, parrafin core, Latent of heat 120j/g, partile size in 10~20um, thermal conductivity 0.2

Processing Method:  

Step 1:

  • Coating
  • Spray Bonding
  • Rolling

Step 2:

  • Dry under 150°C

PCM Fabric Sample by spray bonding:

pcm spray bonding 01

Nano PCM Treatment:

Nano PCM emulsion are nano particle PCM ideally for impregnation. When the base fabric are imerged into the nano PCM solution, the fabric soaks PCM and turns themselves to the thermal regulation fabric. Impregnation PCM fabric are good for apparel applications.