Construction Material

Energy demand for heating and cooling of buildings can be minimized through integration PCM into building materials as a building thermal energy storage system. Phase change material can be in many different forms and types for building material. For example, solid/liquid organic PCM or inorganic PCM can be encapsulated into pouches or in HDPE panels and further to be used in radiant heating floor system or wall, ceiling panel. In addition, micro encapsulated PCM  are easier for integration with building material without worrying about the PCM leakage since they are solid in form. Tempered Entropy provides both solid/liquid PCM and micro encapsulated PCM for building industry.

  • 22°C Organic PCM
  • 24°C Organic PCM
  • 26°C Organic PCM
  • 28°C Organic PCM
  • 22°C Micro Encapsulated PCM
  • 24°C Micro Encapsulated PCM
  • 26°C Micro Encapsulated PCM
  • 28°C Micro Encapsulated PCM