Microencapsulated Salycilic Acid

Technical Data

Product Name:microencapsulated salyicylic acid

Appearance:White Powder


Wall Material:Modified Starch

Payload: 30%

High Temperature Resistance:200°C

How it works?
Microencapsulated salicylic acid is a controlled release delivery system which allows for utilizing the salicylic acid effectively even in alkaline treatments. Traditionally salicylic acid is used with acetone, ether, alcohol, and some other organic solvents which are unsafe for use on the skin. Because salicylic acid shows its great ability to exfoliate the skin and clear clogged pores, it has been used as an anti acne agent.

Like other acids, salicylic acid creats an acidic PH in solutions which can irritate the skin. In order to balance PH, solutions has been introduced to the system resulting in a salt which has no effect on treating acne. Maintaining a potent acidic form and releasing the alicylic acid slowly is a real challenge. Controlled release delivery system can help to make the job easy. 

Microencapsulated salicylic acid are hydrophobic particles suspened in an aqueous medium. When the particles are broken down by rubbing, the saliycylic acid is released in a contolled manner. The result is an appealing PH which is skin friendly.


Rinse-off products, body wash, shampoos used as cleansers, smoothing, anti-aging, acne