Microencapsulated PCM Heat Therapy Pack

 micro encapsulated pcm heat pack

Tempered Entropy is the world leader in  PCM heat therapy pack technology. Our newly invented high temperature resistant micro encapsulated PCM60 powder can stand over 300c high temperature and is ideal for heat therapy applications.

About the product:

  • Ideal for hot therapy! A rectangular shaped size in 30*18cm pack than can be repeatedly used for every body part
  • Weighs about 600gram, the filling material are micro encapsulated PCM which is totally green and biodegradable
  • High temperature and fire resistant and high breathable fabric cover keeps the highest safety level
  • 2~2:40mins heat in the microwave for soothing moisture heat therapy
  • Ideal for sore muscles, achy joints, injuries, arthristis, tendonitis, stress, tension...



  • Long lasting heat therapy time ( temperature over 40c  is around 45 mins~1 hour )
  • PCM technology, latent heat therapy, constant temperature output
  • Filling material size in 1um~10um can automatically capture moisture from the air and gives moisture deep penetration result after preheat in microwave
  • Ultra soft and comfortable no matter it is hot or cold, contour to the body part, not like regular solid-liquid PCM pack which is hard in its solid phase.
  • Microwavable pack in just 2~2:40mins, continous second time heat in 1~2mins, easy for repeat use