28°C PCM Quilts

What is unique in our bedding sets(Quilts)?

  • A combination of PCM(phase change material) & Graphene technology, PCM originates from spaceship thermal regulation technology while graphene is the king of the future material.
  • High Qmax factor over 0.6, Qmax is a coolness factor of the fabric used by textile professionals meaning our bedding sets give you coolness instantly.

Key Properties: 

  • size: 2mx2.3m  Weight: ~2.1Kg  Color: White

Key Features:

  • 28°C  constant temperature thermal regulation for a better sleep
  • Ideally used in environment below 30°C
  • Not too hot & cold, just right temperature
  • Instant feel on temperature moderation

Suitable For:

  • Business owners who want a differentiated bedding product
  • People who has sleep problem and hope for a better sleep
  • Children who has nocturnal sweating problem
  • People who pursue a better sleep with thermal regulation