PCM Paraffin Wax

Paraffin wax is a mixture of hydrocarbons. It is obtained from crude oil by distillation and is used as a fuel for heating and aircraft. Paraffins can be arranged either in straight chains (normal paraffins) or branched chains (isoparaffins). Most of the paraffin compounds in naturally occurring crude oils are normal paraffins, while isoparaffins are frequently produced in refinery processes. Normal-Paraffins are produced from select kerosene and/or gasoil, feedstocks using molecular sieves extraction. After appropriate purification treatment of desulfurization, dearomatization, the n-paraffin stream is passed into the fractionation unit, then the desired carbon cuts are obtained.

Normal paraffins have high latent of heat and are ideal phase change material candidates. As they are very stable and non hazadous, non corrosive, so they are widely used in thermal regulation applications for construction material, textile, electronics cooling, thermal energy storage, healthcare, automobile industry.

We are pleased to annouce that we currently provide 60~70°C range food grade phase change wax for heating applications. Average latent of heat is more than 200 j/g and 220~240j/g in high purity form.