About Us

Who we are

Shanghai Tempered Entropy New Energy Technology company (Tempered Entropy) is a professional Chinese Phase Change Material (PCM) manufacturer. Our mission is the development, production and sale of phase change materials as well as innovative products based on PCM technology.

As  the Chinese market leader for PCM solutions in sustainable energy technology, we creatively utilize PCM with different traditional material, and successfuly developed many interesting temperature regulation products for several industries including Construction Material, TES , Energy Storage, HVAC, Textile,Automobile, Cold Chian, Healthcare, Electronics Cooling and Consumer Goods.

What we do

PCM  Material: ( melting temperature choices from -40°C to 100°)

  • Inorganic phase change material
  • Organic phase change material
  • Micro encapsulated PCM

PCM Application Products:

  • PCM Heat Therapy Pack

Application field: Building material, Thermal Energy Storage, HVAC, Textile, Cold Chain, Electronics cooling, Consumer goods, Automobile, PCM Technical Consulting, PCM Business Consulting.

Why us

  •  wide selections on different types of PCM
  •  working knowledge on PCM and PCM applications